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Dr. Strange Appearing In The Avengers 2?

Rumors have been circling about a Dr. Strange feature film for some time now, but today Ace Showbiz is reporting that Marvel Executive Jeremy Latcham has expressed solid interest in adding said hero to the already hyped Avengers 2 as well.

Rumors have been circling about a Dr. Strange feature film for some time now, but today Ace Showbiz is reporting that Marvel Executive Jeremy Latcham has expressed solid interest in adding said hero to the already hyped Avengers 2 as well.

Check out Latcham’s enthusiasm below in an interview with Newsarama:

“I’d really like to do a Dr. Strange movie,” Latcham said. “I’d really like to make a movie out of Luke Cage. There are a bunch of characters who, to me, are on that ‘bigger’ roster I’d still like to do. I’m not thinking, ‘Yeah, I’d really like to make a movie out of The Hood or Hit-Monkey’ or something.

When we sit down and start going through ‘what’s the next Avengers adventure?’ if there’s an opportunity for one of those characters to serve that adventure, and we have the rights to that character, they’re in,” Latcham added.

Marvel Studios’ business plan revolves around 2-3 releases a year as to not flood the market and squeeze future potential too quickly, so let’s think about this news realistically.

Already, we have confirmed sequels for existing franchises Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man, representing a year’s worth of releases.  Another name being teased around the internet is urban superhero Black Panther, who would appeal to wider ethnic demographics, while the Guardians of the Galaxy are amping up their own cosmic feature for 2014.

Oh yeah, we also can’t forget that Edgar Wright has already directed test footage for his much-anticipated Ant-Man origin story, building up to the inevitable Avengers 2 release.

Latcham also gives an update on S.H.I.E.L.D memebers Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Nick Fury as well, all rumored for their very own origin stories:

 “In the near, near future…we kind of know the movies we’re going to make, and it’s not those characters on the radar. But we love those characters, and we’re all deeply, deeply interested in doing that one day,”

So while Latcham’s statements give hope for Dr. Strange and Luke Cage, the two comic book icons may have to get in line behind more popular properties in Marvel’s vast catalogue before any progress is made.  A Dr. Strange cameo in The Avengers 2 seems like the most plausible option at this point but as the Marvel universe story is crafted film by film, any character has the opportunity to show up unexpectedly.

Out of all the names being kicked around right now, which superhero are you most excited to see?  Let us know in the comments section!

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