Marvel’s Sorcerer Weaves His Magic In New Pair Of Doctor Strange Stills

As far as comic book movies go, 2016 has proven to be a mixed bag. Captain America: Civil War undoubtedly stands as the one triumph of the year, bookended by a pair of missed opportunities in Batman V Superman and, more recently, Suicide Squad.

How and ever, the one CBM primed to bring the curtain down on 2016’s selection with flair is Doctor Strange, Scott Derrickson’s magical origin story that is pegged to arrive in early November. It finds Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role as Marvel’s budding magician, and a pair of new photos have landed today showcasing the actor’s sorcerer-in-training.


After casting light on both Assassin’s Creed and Morten Tyldum sci-fi Passengers, Entertainment Weekly has now directed attention toward the Strange. When asked what cements Doctor Strange‘s status as a superhero, Cumberbatch told the outlet that it is the character’s sheer resilience that is almost supernatural, as opposed to magical artefacts in the vein of the Cloak of Levitation or Eye of Agamotto.

“This man reaches the very bottom and then more. You think, How much more can this guy take? He’s broken, he gets up again, he’s broken — and that’s really what makes him a superhero. A lot of people have asked me, ‘What makes him a superhero?’ That’s really the answer I should have given. It’s not the Cloak of Levitation. It’s not the Eye of Agamotto. It’s about his staying power. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. The guy endures so much.”

What if I told you the reality you know is one of many? Doctor Strange makes its bow on November 4 and also stars Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Benedict Wong.

Source: EW