Does Deadpool 2’s Teaser Tell Us Who’s Cast As Cable?


With audiences nationwide busy being blown away by Logan, it’s a sure bet that everyone will soon be discussing the surprise Deadpool 2 teaser (seen above) playing before the film.

In it, we see the Merc with a Mouth poking a bit of fun at Superman: The Movie. While bopping down the street, he spots a man getting mugged. Spying an opportunity to be a proper superhero, he dives into a phone booth to change into his costume. By the time he’s clumsily clambered into his red and black suit, however, the man has been shot and killed, with Deadpool quipping that Wolverine could have saved him, now that his costume is just a tank top and cargo pants.

It’s a great teaser for next year’s sequel: dark and irreverent in precisely the same way as the original. But, thanks to eagle-eyed Redditor JKennie93, it’s been pointed out that the teaser might be more than a simple quick gag. In fact, it may reveal something very exciting.

The first clue is the graffiti, which says ‘Nathan Summers is coming,’ written on the phone box Deadpool emerges from. Comics fans will recognize the name as longtime team-up buddy Cable – the perpetually grumpy robot armed son of Cyclops and Jean Grey (well, actually, Jean Grey’s clone created by Mr. Sinister) who time-travelled to a dark alternative future as a child before returning to the present where he… well, it only gets more complicated from there. Comic books!

Cable’s presence in Deadpool 2 has been strongly rumored for a while now, with many actors being linked to the part, so this isn’t the biggest surprise. But, if you watch a little more closely, you might deduce who’s to be cast as the po-faced grimdark hero. You see, plastered on the wall are posters for Joss Whedon’s Firefly, with star Nathan Fillion front and center. Now, why would a TV show from 2002 be plastered on a wall in a teaser in 2017? That kind of thing just doesn’t happen by chance. So, is Fillion our Cable? It’s a stretch, to be sure, but it’s certainly interesting to consider.

What do you think, though? Fillion is notorious as a fan-favorite casting suggestion for damn near every role going, but would he be a good fit for the cybernetic arm and glowing eye’d mutant in Deadpool 2?