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Does ‘Elemental’ have a post-credits scene?

Whether to stick around until the credits stop rolling or not, that's the real question.

Ember (Leah Lewis) and Wade (Mamoudou Athie) face to face in 'Elemental'
Photo via Disney

Warning: The article contains spoilers for Elemental. 

You would think a film like The Flash would swat away any and every competition with ease. But here we are with Disney’s Elemental smoothly eating away at its moment in the sun. While the former unabashedly flaunts its unfinished frayed endings, the Pixar offering is charming its way into hearts everywhere. But whether it is the scarlet speedster or adorable elements in love, no one can buy viewers’ patience to extend until the very end just to confirm whether there is a post-credits scene. So, instead, we are here with the answer. 

Yes, Elemental does have a post-credit scene… kind of

Still from Pixar's 'Elemental'
Image via Disney

In the traditional sense of the word, where a post-credit scene is a peak at the future of a franchise, a funny anecdote, a blooper reel, or completely useless (looking at you, The Flash), Peter Sohn’s Elemental doesn’t have one. But there is something truly unmissable when the credits stop rolling. 

For starters, you will be rewarded for sitting through the credits and acknowledging the exceptional animators who brought the Elemental to life along with its cast members with the original song “Steal the Show” from Lauv. As for the post-credits scene, in its place, Sohn includes a special and touching dedication to the people who inspired the core theme of the film — his late parents.

The Elemental tells the story of Ember and Wade, two elements from Element City, who meet and fall in love, not letting their differences govern their feelings. The premise of the film, especially Ember’s story, shares many similarities to life and the difficulties faced by immigrants, something Sohn is acutely aware of given the fact that his parents were Korean immigrants who traveled to New York back in the 1960s. 

In a chat with Yahoo Entertainment, Sohn spoke at length about admiring and truly respecting the hard life his family led and remembering the sacrifices they made. 

“[I saw] my father, my mother, my brother there, and I could see the city miles of how hard their life was. And I got very emotional and I just saw them and just thanked them. ‘If it wasn’t for all the hard work, all that you guys sacrificed, I would not be here.’ I don’t remember everything I said ’cause I was so emotional that day.”

He admitted that it was the emotions he felt in this monumental moment that contributed to the creation of Disney’s Elementa, which was all about “trying to understand our parents as people and the people around us that have sacrificed for us.”

Elemental is currently in theaters. 

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