Does Eternals Have Any Post-Credits Scenes?

eternals nov 5 release

Eternals is finally here and fans are getting their next taste of the MCU’s Phase Four. The film introduces us to the most ambitious single family lineup of characters in MCU history and boasts some of the largest-scale stories in the history of the franchise.

The movie launched earlier this week around the globe and opens in the US today. For those who are checking out the film for the first time, there’s quite a bit to take in, and once you’re done watching, of course, the question becomes, are there any post-credits scenes worth staying for?

Does Eternals have any post-credits scenes?

The answer is yes! Remain in your seat after the movie, as there isn’t just one, but two different post-credits scenes to catch after Eternals.

The first of these has massive implications for the future of the MCU and shines a light on where things are looking to go after the events of the film. Afterward, the second scene provides a peek at what might become of a certain Eternal’s earthly friend.

If you don’t want anything spoiled for you, then stop reading now and wait to catch the surprises during your viewing. If you’re curious and not afraid of spoilers or have seen the film already, then here’s what happens in those post-credits scenes.


What happens in the first Eternals post-credits scene?


Right after the first set of credits roll, we head to the Eternals’ ship, where Thena, Makkari, and Druig are on a mission to find other Eternals in the universe, help them realize their true purpose, and unite them in an attempt to revolt against Arishem.

During this scene, they mention that they haven’t heard from their fellow Eternals back on Earth yet. This is because, unbeknownst to them, Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos were captured by Arishem at the end of the film. Without any warning, someone begins to teleport onto their ship. After a flash of light, we meet a little guy named Pip the Troll. Then, in a jaw-dropped cameo, One Direction’s Harry Styles strolls into view, revealing himself to be none other than Eros, brother of Thanos.

Eros tells the Eternals that he is also an Eternal and that he knows where their friends are being kept⏤and how to help get them back. He also doesn’t waste any time telling Thena just how beautiful she is, a quip that any Styles fan can appreciate. If the rumors are true, then we’re about to see a lot more of Styles moving forward in the franchise.

What about the second Eternals post-credits scene?

The second post-credits scene comes at the very end of the credits and shows Dane Whitman back at the museum where he works, alone in a room and staring at a menacing chest. This chest is likely what he was planning on mentioning to Sersi at the end of the film prior to her being abducted by Arishem. During that scene, he was just starting to tell her about his complicated family history, but got cut off by Arishem’s arrival.

After opening the chest, an ominous-looking sword can be seen emitting a cloudy surface that seems to react when his hands come near it. Before he puts his hands on the sword, a voice out of frame says, “Are you sure you’re ready for that, Mr. Whitman?”

It isn’t revealed who the voice belongs to or what significance the sword has, but keen comic fans will know that Dane Whitman is supposed to be the Black Knight, aka the wielder of the Ebony Blade⏤a magical weapon that is likely one and the same as what we see in the scene.

As for the mysterious voice, it sounds a bit like that of Nick Fury, who could very well be on the hunt for more future heroes to add to the Avengers roster. Fans are also speculating that it could also belong to Mahershala Ali’s upcoming Blade character, Jonathan Majors’ Kang, or even The Watcher.

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