Does ‘Lightyear’ have any post-credits scenes?

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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Lightyear.

Pixar’s latest installment in the Toy Story franchise, Lightyear, is finally out in theaters around the globe, introducing fans to Chris Evans’ rebooted Buzz — the “real” Space Ranger of Star Command that the best-selling toy is based on. While it’s not receiving the greatest of reviews, with many critics describing the film as a subpar effort from the acclaimed animated studio, there’s no doubt that folks will be flocking to cinemas to catch Lightyear on the big screen now that it’s here.

And the big question anyone going to see the movie will want to know is: does Lightyear have any post-credits scenes? The Marvel Cinematic Universe has totally changed audiences’ relationship with a film’s credits as we now go into every new blockbuster suspecting that it might feature an extra tag that tees up a sequel or at least delivers one final gag. Pixar has actually been doing this kind of thing for much longer than the MCU, however — e.g. the outtakes featured at the end of Toy Story 2.

So, to answer that burning question, yes, Lightyear does have post-credits scenes. Specifically, it has three post-credits scenes. So if you want to get the fullest experience out of your viewing, you’ll want to hang around throughout the whole screening. And make sure to wait until the very, very end…

Scene 1

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The first post-credits scene plays after the first chunk of credits. It’s a brief comedic scene which checks in with Commander Burnside (Isiah Whitlock Jr.) as he kicks back and relaxes in his office, now that Buzz and his pals have defeated the threat of Zurg and his robots. Behind him, one of T’Kani Prime’s native giant insects flies up to his window but gets zapped by the laser shield that Burnside previously installed around the settlement. “Laser shield,” he smugly says to himself, calling back to his total faith that the shield would work earlier in the film.

Scene 2

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The second added scene is similar in tone to the first, as it’s another gag-based sequence referencing a joke from the bulk of the movie. This one comes right at the end of the main bulk of credits. It checks in on poor confused droid DERIC (director Angus MacLane), who remains at the blackboard attempting to remember the right route for Buzz and the rest’s mission … not realizing that they abandoned him long ago.

Scene 3

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Although these two prior sequences might raise a slight chuckle, the real reason to hang around throughout the credits is for the film’s very last scene. Following the DERIC tag, the credits wrap up and the Pixar logo appears. Make sure you wait around for this as Lightyear has one more surprise left in store. The brief tag takes us into deep space where Zurg (James Brolin) is floating around, seemingly dead, only for his eyes to glow red. Yes, it looks like Buzz’s evil doppelganger survived that hyperspeed crystal explosion. And he no doubt wants to get revenge on his nemesis. In Lightyear 2? Very possibly.

Lightyear is playing in theaters now.

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