First Look At Dominic Monaghan In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Revealed

Star Wars The Rise of skywalker

We’re now just over two months away from the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerand yet we still have complete blind spots about the movie. Most of the new character’s identities or roles in the plot have been revealed but one of the exceptions is whoever Dominic Monaghan’s playing. The Lord of the Rings star’s part in Episode IX has been kept so tightly under wraps that we don’t even have a name for him. But at last, we now know what he looks like.

Thanks to the new merchandise that’s been revealed this weekend as part of Triple Force Friday, the first look at Monaghan’s character is now out there. And just in case we missed it, the star himself decided to share a promo image of his character from the movie on social media. “Oh it’s on now,” he wrote as a caption, along with the hashtag #becurious.

Going by his clothes and weaponry, it looks like Monaghan could be a member of the Resistance. It’s believed that he’ll feature most prominently in the film during its first act and will thereafter take more of a backseat and fill a supporting role. A glimpse at the replies to the star’s Twitter post make it clear how excited folks are to see the former Hobbit in that galaxy far, far away, too. Plus, J.J. Abrams fans can enjoy him teaming up with the filmmaker again for the first time since Lost. 

Maybe we’ll see our first glimpse of Monaghan in action in the upcoming trailer for the conclusion to the Skywalker saga? Now that we’re in October, we should be a due a new one any day. The Star Wars Twitter account may have even subtly told us to expect it on October 14th. If he’s not in there though, we’ll have to find more about the actor’s role the old fashioned way when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas on December 20th.