Donald Glover Says Kylo Ren’s A Better Villain Than Darth Vader


Darth Vader is one of the greatest cinematic villains of all-time. He’s also the most iconic Star Wars villain. However, Donald Glover has a different take on who he thinks the best antagonist of the franchise is. When asked that very question in an interview with Noisey, here’s what he said:

“Kylo Ren’s really funny. I just think he has an interesting sense of humor. He’s intense, I get his story. So I kind of have to go with Kylo Ren.”

It may sound strange, but in all fairness, Glover’s giving his own opinion here and he’s certainly entitled to it. That being said, the character of Kylo Ren is still no laughing matter. I mean, he did kill Han Solo, his own father. He’s an intense villain who’s quite unpredictable, and certainly far from humorous.

Kylo’s becoming a more complex antagonist as the Sequel Trilogy progresses, too. In The Force Awakens, he was fiercely loyal to the First Order, but The Last Jedi provided hints that there may be some good left in him. He definitely has the potential to become the most complex Star Wars villain since Vader, but whether or not he can surpass him as a character remains to be seen.

After all, it’d be near impossible to beat the iconoclastic nature of Darth Vader. Sure, he had a very similar arc to Kylo as the Original Trilogy went along – going from fully embracing the Dark Side of the Force to slowly finding a balance between the Light and the Dark – but in all of cinematic history, few villains have ever rivaled him.

What do you think, though? Is Kylo on his way to taking the crown for best Star Wars antagonist? Or is Vader simply unbeatable at this point? Make yourself heard by dropping a comment down below.