DreamWorks Purchases Rights To Hundreds Of Classic Characters

Digital Spy reports that DreamWorks Animation has purchased Classic Media for approximately $155 million, giving the studio rights to hundreds of classic television and film characters.

Classic Media was founded by Eric Ellenbogen and John Engelman in 2000. The company was founded with the goal of acquiring forgotten and poorly promoted characters and though they have been purchased by DreamWorks, Engelman and Ellenbogen will stay on and run the studio’s classic division.

The list of characters coming to DreamWorks through this deal is phenomenal, to say the least. Just to name a few, they now have rights to Archie, Casper, Dick Tracy, Frosty, Godzilla, He-Man, Lassie, Rudolph, and Where’s Waldo. The full list can be viewed at the Classic Media website.

The potential here is huge. DreamWorks profits will increase from the newly gained rights to existing films and TV shows, but what is really exciting is the possible movies that they can now produce. It’s too soon to say what new plans may be in place, but DreamWorks wouldn’t have made this purchase without having quite a few things in mind.

What do you think of this major move for DreamWorks? Any specific characters you are excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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