Drew Goddard Says Lionsgate Wants To Move Ahead With The Cabin In The Woods 2

Cabin in the Woods

It took Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard a long time to bring The Cabin In The Woods to the big screen, and when it was finally released, it was delayed by a number of years thanks to MGM’s near bankruptcy (which is why it starred a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth). However, the movie was still a decent sized hit with over $65 million worldwide, and now Lionsgate apparently wants a sequel.

In a recent interview to promote The Martian, Goddard confirmed:

“The studio wants to do it. They’ve come to us. There’s nothing in the hopper right now, but who knows? The way [co-writer] Joss [Whedon] and I work, we might wake up tomorrow and go, ‘let’s go do that’, or whatever.”

It’s no secret that Whedon wants to do something original after helming two Avengers movies, but it’s not hard to imagine him being tempted back by The Cabin in the Woods. Goddard, meanwhile, probably isn’t going to be directing the Sinister Six movie he wrote any time soon based on recent comments from Kevin Feige, so both men have room in their schedules for a sequel.

It’s far from confirmed at this point, but it sounds like it could happen. At the very least, the studio being keen on a Cabin In The Woods 2 is definitely good news.