Kevin Feige Weighs In On The Chances Of A Spider-Gwen Movie


Before Marvel and Sony reached a deal to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there were a number of spinoffs on the way based in the world of The Amazing Spider-Man. Drew Goddard was developing Sinister Six, Alex Kurtzman looked set to finally make that long rumoured Venom movie a reality, and there was even talk of a female led team movie of some sort.

Those have all been put on indefinite hold while Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios look to make a Spider-Man solo movie which actually works, but Feige recently had this to say about the chances of those or any spinoffs happening:

“Well, there could be [spin-offs]. But the truth is, our job right now is that single Spider-Man movie based in the MCU. And that’s where all our focus is.”

So, it doesn’t sound like those movies or any others are even close to being a priority for Marvel right now, but one spinoff which fans would love to see is Spider-Gwen. The character is a very recent creation and hails from an alternate universe where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider and Peter Parker became The Lizard before dying.

Both Feige and producer Jeremy Latcham are apparently fans of the character, with the former teasing: “I think Spider-Gwen in the comics is cool.”

Whether that means we’re going to see a Spider-Gwen movie remains to be seen, but you have to believe Marvel are taking note of the buzz surrounding the character.

Source: MTV News