Drew Goddard’s Disney Deal May Mean X-Force Is Still Happening


It’s been a while now since we’ve heard any encouraging news about Drew Goddard’s planned X-Force film, which was among the many X-Men-related projects that the Disney/Fox merger left in a state of uncertainty. Now that the deal has officially closed, however, we can hopefully get a little clarification on what’s happening with the project. And in a new report from THR, some fans are already seeing potential signs that Goddard will be pushing forward with the movie.

The Daredevil executive producer is said to have signed a four-year, eight-figure overall deal with 20th Century Fox TV. Coming shortly after the studio was transferred over to Disney, the report goes on to explain that Goddard “will write, create, direct and develop new projects for the studio for all platforms.”

While the deal specifically concerns TV work, fans are holding out hope that this arrangement is a sign of future collaborations between Goddard and the Mouse House, including the highly anticipated X-Force movie. It’s not a lot to go on, but until we receive confirmation either way, surely there’s no harm in staying optimistic.

In any case, it’s pretty much guaranteed that Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool will survive the transition in some way or other. In fact, according to THR, it’s expected that he’ll be the only X-Men universe character who isn’t recast. Whether or not that also includes Wade Wilson’s supporting players remains to be seen, though if the Merc with a Mouth is to enter the MCU, then there’s one obvious, Thanos-shaped reason why Josh Brolin’s Cable might not be able to follow him.

Speaking of which, before we hear any official news on X-Force and the future of the Deadpool series, you can expect Avengers: Endgame to bring the MCU’s current era to a close when it arrives theaters on April 26th.