Dune Outdid Eternals Opening Weekend In One Major Metric

Eternals is already set to be a major box-office success having already made $9.5 during its Thursday previews alone. However, one of its biggest current competitors in theaters right now has it beat in one major way.

Denis Villeneuve’s interpretation of the sci-fi epic Dune has also been doing incredibly well. Dune has been dominating the box office globally and already has fans wanting an extended cut of the film. The fan hype seems to have absolutely eclipsed that of MCU fans on Twitter as one clever Reddit user pointed out.

Comparing the number of people Tweeting about both films during their opening weekend shows that Dune managed to have double the amount of hype that Eternals was able to bring. Check out the post (with the stats) below.

While it’s not as direct as box-office sales by any means, it’s certainly telling to see just how excited fans were getting for either movie.

Is this proof that the MCU is losing some of its hype with how many releases are coming out every year? Is Eternals going to be able to pull in the kind of cash that Dune has managed during its theatrical run? Sound off in the comments!