Fans Already Want To Start Campaign For Dune’s Extended Cut

Dune may only already be out for just one week at the time of writing but it seems that fans are already considering going full “Snyder Cut” on the film. Fans campaigned hard and got #ReleaseTheSnyderCut to trend repeatedly in hopes of seeing Zack Snyder’s full vision for Justice League. Now fans think the same should be done to see Dennis Villeneuve’s full vision for the sci-fi epic.

A post on /r/Dune has already amassed a massive 3799 upvotes on the topic, asking for when the campaign for the #DuneExtendedCut should begin. You can check out that post below.

As mentioned in the post itself, Villeneuve has said he will not be releasing an extended cut of the film. However, we do know that Jason Momoa wanted to see a 4-6 hour cut of the movie so is it truly impossible that if one of the film’s stars and a ton of fans came together that it wouldn’t happen?

It seems that some fans are already willing to get on the hype train to make it happen.

Some fans really do want to see it happen, sad that certain scenes didn’t make it into the theatrical release of the film.

If somehow Villeneuve could be convinced, would you watch a massive Dune extended cut? Should it be campaigned for? Tell us in the comments!