Dwayne Johnson Confirms Hobbs & Shaw Sequel Is In The Works

Hobbs & Shaw

The world of Fast and Furious got a whole lot bigger when the franchise’s first spinoff went on to earn over $750 million at the box office. Led by the chemistry and star power of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, Hobbs & Shaw took two of the most popular supporting characters from The Fast Saga and turned them into the stars of their own standalone blockbuster.

The Fast and the Furious is one of the biggest brands in the movie industry, so it came as little surprise that Hobbs & Shaw turned out to be a massive success, especially given the talent involved. Deadpool 2 and John Wick’s action maestro David Leitch put a fresh coat of paint on the series’ signature vehicular carnage, with Idris Elba’s cybernetically-enhanced villain even bringing a hint of sci-fi into the mix.

A sequel has been rumored ever since the first movie hit theaters, with both Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart set to feature in much larger roles this time around, and Dwayne Johnson confirmed during a recent social media Q&A that the follow-up is officially in development.

“We are now developing the next film, the next movie, and I’m pretty excited about it. Just got to figure out the creative right now, and the direction we’re going to go.”

Hobbs & Shaw 2 probably won’t get in front of a camera yet, with Johnson set to resume filming on Netflix’s Red Notice once the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is behind us, before moving straight on to the DCEU’s Black Adam. The recent delay of F9 shouldn’t affect the schedule either, with both Hobbs and Shaw missing out on the main story’s ninth installment, so there shouldn’t really be any narrative crossover. Although, both are widely expected to feature in the tenth and supposedly final Fast pic, which is shaping up to be an all-star movie of sorts.