Black Adam Will Reportedly Be A Wonderland For DC Fans

Black Adam

After years of being attached to the character, Dwayne Johnson is finally about to make his DCEU debut as Black Adam in his own self-titled movie. Following on from the tangentially-related Shazam!, fans can’t wait to see what Black Adam has in store, given all the exciting reports we’ve heard about it. After all, The Rock himself has confirmed that the film will introduce the Justice Society of America into the cinematic franchise alongside the eponymous ruler of Kahndaq.

So, Adam himself and a bunch of Golden Age heroes. Sounds like a must-watch for DC lovers everywhere, right? Well, The Geeks Worldwide’s Thomas Polito has claimed on Twitter that he’s read parts of the Black Adam script and he promises that “it’s a DC fans wonderland.” His choice of accompanying GIF no doubt confirms that Doctor Fate will be one of the JSA members appearing in the movie, too.

Of course, this corroborates We Got This Covered’s own scoops about Black Adam, as we’ve previously revealed that Kent Nelson will be showing up in the film, with Warner Bros. hoping to land a big name for the part – we heard Michael Fassbender was one actor being eyed. Multiple outlets have reported that Hawkman will have a leading role in the movie, too, with Stargirl likely being included as well. Jay Garrick’s Flash and Alan Scott’s Green Lantern are also under consideration.

With the Justice League being rested for the moment following the debacle of the 2017 effort, dropping the JSA into the DCEU at this stage could help to massively expand the franchise. Obviously, Johnson’s Teth-Adam is going to steal the show, but if the superhero team impresses audiences, then they could follow it up with countless spinoffs set across the decades.

Black Adam was supposed to start shooting this July, but as Polito says, it’ll be affected somewhat by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fingers crossed it’ll still make its December 2021 release date though, as we’ve been waiting long enough for this one.