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Dwayne Johnson drops new ‘Black Adam’ clip as he ushers in a new era for the DCEU

The new 'Black Adam' clip implies that the DCEU heroes will be coming back.

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Dwayne Johnson shares an explosive new clip from Black Adam and confirms that the DC Universe is about to change.

Johnson posted the video on Twitter which has some familiar symbolism fans are sure to love. It begins with the image of a trident, then a batarang, Superman’s symbol, and Wonder Woman’s tiara, before getting into the action. Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller is assigning the Justice Society of America on a mission to stop Black Adam, and Aldis Hodge’s Hawkman says, “This loose cannon needs to be locked down.”

The clip shows more of Black Adam’s carnage and the JSA comes together to stop him. Hawkman threatens him and challenges him with his trusty mace in hand, but his opponent isn’t backing down. Black Adam is quick to remind him that he’s got no qualms about using force and hits back even harder.

It’s evident that Johnson really wants this movie to succeed. He stated on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that this is the biggest movie in his career and that it’s been a 15-year-long process trying to get Black Adam made. He’s in a more high-profile place in his career now, and he’s hoping that that will mean big success for the movie.

Johnson is accustomed to giving people what they want. In his wrestling career, The Rock was known as the People’s Champion and he’s taking that same ideology into the world of superheroes, listening to the fans and delivering on promises. In this case, that’s the DC heroes they know and love, specifically Henry Cavill’s Superman returning after a prolonged absence.

The Black Adam star has been taunting fans with a change in the hierarchy of the DC Universe, and to be taken seriously that debate has to include Superman. DC fans haven’t stopped pushing for a return of the character, and from Johnsons’ hints about a special cameo, that’s very likely to happen.

Black Adam storms into theaters Oct. 21.

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