Dwayne Johnson Explains How He’s Getting Into Superhero Shape For Black Adam

Black Adam

Zachary Levi may have needed muscles built into his superhero costume to convince as an all-powerful being in Shazam!, but his impending onscreen archenemy definitely doesn’t need any additional help from the wardrobe department in order to look the part.

It would be stating the obvious to say that Dwayne Johnson is a very large man, one who makes normal-sized human beings appear tiny by comparison, but even the hulking former professional wrestler has been putting in extra work in the gym to get into peak physical condition for the DCEU’s Black Adam.

In an ideal world, the superhero blockbuster would have been shooting by now, but the entire production was pushed back by months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Still, it remains the next project on Johnson’s schedule, although he’ll be expected to hit the promotional trail this summer for Disney’s action comedy Jungle Cruise, which has been delayed so many times already that you’d be forgiven for forgetting that it even existed.

The 48 year-old recently took to social media to respond to the fans asking about his Black Adam training regimen, and because he never stops working any room even if he’s the only person it, the world’s highest-paid movie star also managed to shill his new energy drink in the process.

“Cardio in the morning on an empty stomach and then training later on in the afternoon or sometimes late at night around 10 at night or even sometimes midnight. I’ve been training for the big one: Black Adam. We try to make them all big, but Black Adam, you guys are excited. You guys are on fire about Black Adam and so am I. This one is a big one, but it’s also defining and I wanna raise the bar in terms of superhero movies, but I also want to come in in the best shape of my entire career.

Tons of questions from you about my training routine for #BlackAdam. Been working very hard on my strength, conditioning, diet, balance, and energy to come into this role being in the best shape (hopefully) of my career and raise the bar. Happy to share more insight with you as we go down the road. And of course, my training days (and nights) are always powered by @zoaenergy. And yes, ORIGINAL flavored ZOA tastes like pancakes, peanut butter, maple syrup, and greatness.”

Even on a regular day, Johnson is famed for waking up at 5am to start pumping iron, so the thought of him getting into the best shape he’s ever been in for Black Adam is an almost terrifying prospect. All the costume team needs to do is try and squeeze him into the spandex, and the sheer size of the actor’s frame will take care of the rest.