Dwayne Johnson Is Too Jacked For His Car In New Red Notice BTS Photo

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has built his entire career off the fact that he’s much larger than the average man, dating back to his attempts to make it as a football player during his college days. After giving up on that particular dream, he became one of the biggest names that the professional wrestling industry had ever seen despite spending less than seven years as a full-time performer, before moving onto pastures new and conquering Hollywood.

The 48 year-old’s larger than life presence, natural charisma and undeniable star power has seen him ascend to the status of the highest-paid actor in the business, with a string of box office success stories under his belt. Johnson recently wrapped Netflix’s globetrotting heist blockbuster Red Notice, but has admitted that his massive frame posed some logistical problems during the shoot.

The Hobbs & Shaw star revealed that the production purchased a Porsche and had it shipped over to the set for one of the movie’s big action sequences, only for Johnson to discover that he couldn’t actually fit himself inside the car when it came time to call action, and you can check out the image he shared on Instagram below.

There’s a reason why Johnson’s characters usually tend to drive muscle cars or trucks, and you’d have thought someone on the Red Notice crew would have picked up on the fact that there was no chance he could have squeezed himself into something as small as a Porsche. It’ll be interesting to see how director Rawson Marshall Thurber ended up handling the chase sequence, though, when it could easily end up like the classic episode of The Simpsons where Nelson makes fun of the very tall man for being too big for his car.