Dwayne Johnson Wants To Make A Movie With Tom Holland

Tom Holland

Despite the fact that Tom Holland is roughly the size of Dwayne Johnson‘s breakfast, the world’s highest-paid movie star has expressed a definite interest in working with the Spider-Man actor at some point in the future. Holland recently gave an interview to GQ where he admitted that he looked up to the man formerly known as The Rock, particularly when it came to his incredible work ethic.

Most people are aware that Dwayne Johnson gets very little sleep as arguably the busiest man in the movie business, and he also seems like a genuinely nice guy to boot. After all, the 47 year-old has built his entire career on his self-appointed philosophy of being the hardest working person in any room that he enters, and even cut short his honeymoon to step in for recently-injured friend Kevin Hart as a guest on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show.

Johnson’s mindset has taken him from being broke and unemployed after failing to be drafted by the NFL in 1995 to the very top of Hollywood, via a massively successful career as a pro wrestler that saw him become one of the biggest names the grappling industry has ever seen despite spending less than seven years as a full-time WWE star.

After hearing that Holland had named him as an inspiration, Johnson took to Twitter to praise Sony’s exclusive property for not letting fame go to his head. The Hobbs & Shaw star also planted the seed of the two working together, and what Dwayne Johnson wants, he usually gets.

Unfortunately, the two might not get the chance to star in the same movie for a while yet, as Johnson is a characteristically busy man. Fresh from starring in the only blockbuster to top the global box office for four consecutive weeks this year, the actor can currently be seen in the fifth and final season of HBO series Ballers and has Jumanji: The Next Level coming later this year, before a busy 2020 that features Disney’s Jungle Cruise and Netflix action flick Red Notice.

After that, Dwayne Johnson moves onto finally starring in a superhero movie in the DCEU’s long-in-development Black Adam, and given Holland’s Spider-Man commitments, it could ultimately be the spandex that keeps the two apart for the foreseeable future.