Dwayne Johnson Leaves His Honeymoon Early To Help Out Kevin Hart


Just when you think Dwayne Johnson can’t get any cooler he proves you wrong. His friend and frequent co-star, Kevin Hart, was involved in a horrific car crash over the weekend. He quickly underwent major back surgery and is expected to make a full recovery, but for now he’s out of action and isn’t going to be making any of his scheduled TV appearances.

That’s where Johnson steps in. He’s currently on his honeymoon with Lauren Hashian, but took time out to help his buddy Hart and appear on The Kelly Clarkson Show in his place.

Here’s Johnson in his own words:

“When my son @KevinHart4real goes down with an injury, his big daddy steps in. I did leave my honeymoon early (Lauren approved cos she LOVES Kelly) and now me and Kelly are new best friends ???. Tune in this Monday! We had the best time! #greathost #hotcrowd #amazingenergy ?

I mean, I know that at least part of this is an exercise in PR and so on, but honestly, Johnson seems like the kind of friend you can rely on in a pinch. It’s also nice that even through this he found time to poke fun at Hart by referring to him as “my son” and that he’s his “big daddy.”

Of course, the pair recently appeared together thanks to the comedian’s surprise cameo in Hobbs & ShawHe pops up during a scene on a flight where Johnson’s Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Shaw are bickering with one another. Their conversation draws over the mysterious Air Marshall Dinkley, played by none other than Kevin Hart.

As for the future, well, they’ll be on-screen together next in Jumanji: The Next Level, which will see Johnson inhabited by Danny DeVito and Hart by Danny Glover. Look for that one to land in theaters on December 13th.