Dwayne Johnson Won’t Have Any Padding Under His Black Adam Costume

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

In the least surprising news you’re likely to hear all day, Dwayne Johnson’s trainer has confirmed that the actor won’t be getting any additional padding under his superhero suit in Black Adam. While there’s no shame or harm in receiving a little help from the costume department when it comes to playing a comic book character, that was never going to be an issue for a man of Johnson’s dimensions.

Obviously, his onscreen archenemy was happy to have some additional muscularity built in, but Shazam! star Zachary Levi still hit the gym with a vengeance to get into shape for the DCEU blockbuster, and he’s already hard at work preparing for upcoming sequel Fury of the Gods.

Levi even admitted that he thought he’d lose out on the role because Johnson had been circling Black Adam for so long, but the padded muscle suit will definitely help given that The Rock makes any regular-sized human being look tiny by comparison. Strength coach Dave Rienzi has already revealed why his client needs to maintain such a hulking physique all-year round, and in a new interview, he said that the pair had been working towards Johnson’s desired fitness goals for a while now.

“It’s a fun process when you have someone like Dwayne who is so driven, disciplined, and determined to do the work. There’s a continuously evolving vision that we are always working towards. We’ve been building up to the Black Adam movie for a while, with this goal of creating a real-life superhero physique, with no padded superhero suit necessary.”

The notion of someone built like Dwayne Johnson packing on even more muscle in order to play Black Adam is a terrifying prospect, and it’s no doubt going to take an entire team of people just to squeeze him into the spandex. Shooting is now underway on Jaume Collet-Serra’s cosmic epic, but that still hasn’t stopped the leading man from pumping iron at every available opportunity, and you’ve got to wonder where he even finds the time.