Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Make Black Adam The Biggest DC Movie Yet

Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson does not make small films, which is to be expected really when he’s one of the biggest stars on the planet in terms of physical stature, fame and paychecks. The actor almost exclusively features in expensive summer blockbusters with a heavy visual effects element where he plays characters that aren’t too far away from his own charming and charismatic persona.

In fact, just five of his last 20 movies cost less than $100 million to produce and Baywatch, Pain & Gain, Central Intelligence, Empire State and Snitch all contained at least a handful of action scenes anyway. Johnson simply doesn’t do intimate character-driven dramas, as he’s a man of the people, and the people want to see him blow sh*t up and save the world.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that The Rock wants to make Black Adam the biggest DC pic yet, which is a broad and very vague statement that could mean any number of things. If he’s hoping to have it earn the most money or be equipped with the biggest budget, then the former is completely out of his hands and the latter is impossible unless the studio is splurging in excess of $300 million on the project, which they most probably are not.

If he wants it to contain the most epic and sweeping spectacle of any DC comic book adaptation, though, then that’s well within the realm of possibility, but it’s just the latest sweeping generalization from Richtman regarding Black Adam after previous claims that Johnson wanted to turn it into a billion-dollar movie and wield complete creative control, when you can’t generate ten-figure revenue via wishful thinking and he’s been developing the film for fifteen years, so his fingerprints have been all over it since the beginning. In any case, Black Adam is undoubtedly going to be a movie huge on scale, scope and spectacle, but that’s always been the case from the start.