Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Fighting With WB To Restore The SnyderVerse

Dwayne Johnson

After the arrival of Zack Snyder’s Justice League earlier this month, DC fans are now campaigning to #RestoreTheSnyderVerse and are demanding that Warner Bros. allow the director to complete his plans for the League. They got the Snyder Cut released in the first place, but this time, the odds look stacked against them, so maybe what they need is a champion on the inside to fight the cause. Enter Dwayne Johnson.

According to some intriguing new intel from Small Screen, The Rock is reportedly fighting with the studio to restore the SnyderVerse. As per the outlet’s source, Johnson “loved Snyder’s Justice League” and recently sat down and watched all four hours of the movie. Not only that, but the Black Adam star is good pals with Henry Cavill and has been pushing to face off against his Man of Steel in the DCEU for years.

He’s still pushing for this, apparently, but now Johnson’s trying to save the jobs of the rest of Snyder’s cast as well. Small Screen says that the Jumanji actor’s favorite part about Justice League was the stars themselves and he hopes to get the chance to work with them. In particular, The Rock is said to be a big fan of Jeremy Irons’ portrayal of Alfred and really wants his Black Adam to share the screen with Batman’s butler at some point.

The outlet goes on to say that Johnson “has contacted a number of executives at WarnerMedia and expressed his interest in keeping the SnyderVerse alive.” The Rock ain’t The Rock for nothing, of course, as he’s got serious clout in Hollywood, so if this info is accurate, the chances of more Snyder movies happening may have just skyrocketed. That said, Small Screen notes that Johnson hasn’t gone straight to AT&T about it yet and he’s still trying to sort it out with Warner Bros. right now.

Hopefully we’ll find out soon if he’s successful, but in the meantime, Dwayne Johnson is due to make his DCEU debut at long last in Black Adam, which is shooting next month and hits theaters in July 2022.