Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Wants To Do A Musical

Dwayne Johnson

As a man of many talents, Dwayne Johnson throws himself wholeheartedly into anything he does, and that even extends to things he’s not particularly great at, which includes singing. Now, he’s not an awful warbler by any stretch of the imagination, but Lin-Manuel Miranda did reveal one of the first things Johnson asked him after joining Disney’s Moana was to get a song of his own, so he’s at least game.

During his wrestling days he would often serenade the fans and his opponents with some musical trash talk. He also guested on Wyclef Jean’s 2000 song “It Doesn’t Matter” that was based off his in-ring catchphrase, and he even covered Sam Cooke’s “You Send Me” during an appearance on Jay Leno’s talk show over a decade ago.

On top of that, he’s technically an American Music Award and Billboard Award winner thanks to his contribution to the Moana soundtrack, as well as voicing Taylor Swift’s alter ego in her music video for “The Manm” so he’s hardly a stranger to a bit of crooning. To that end, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming the 49-year-old wants to star in a musical, but that’s the beginning and end of the tipster’s say on the matter.

It’s a broad and sweeping statement to be sure, and it’s not the strangest thing we’ve ever heard given the action hero’s previous proclivities, but the non-existent details mean that for now at least, we should take the idea of a Dwayne Johnson musical and add it to the long list of projects Richtman has touted for the star over the last several months, none of which have yet to gain any significant traction or even be confirmed to exist.