Dwayne Johnson Will Reportedly Have A Role In The Scorpion King Reboot

Dwayne Johnson

Though 2017’s Tom Cruise vehicle failed to reboot The Mummy franchise successfully, Universal is having another go at it by relaunching The Scorpion KingThe original 2002 spinoff featured Dwayne Johnson as the titular ancient monarch, launching his Hollywood career in the process, and this week we learned that The Rock is producing a modern day remake of the movie, though he won’t be taking on the title role.

That being said, he may still have some part in the film. According to insider Daniel Richtman, despite what initial reports have claimed, the actor will indeed play a role in the Scorpion King reboot and while he doesn’t know exactly how he’ll be involved, he claims that Johnson will show up in front of the camera in at least some capacity.

The Scorpion King was created for 2001’s The Mummy Returns, which marked The Rock’s first ever acting job and his popularity was such that he starred in his own movie as the antihero the very next year. This expanded the character – real name Mathayus of Akkad – from a supporting villain into a tragic warrior figure, who rises up to the throne on the back of a deadly thirst for vengeance.

the scorpion king

They might have slipped under the radar of most folks, but four straight-to-DVD sequels followed over the next couple of decades, with Victor Webster and Zack McGowan taking over the role from Johnson and the last one coming in 2018. This reboot, though, will be a much bigger affair, reimagining the mythology for contemporary times and for a wider audience.

Having Johnson on screen, even if he’s not in the lead, would definitely give it an extra boost, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what sort of role he has in Universal’s reboot of The Scorpion King.