Dwayne Johnson Reveals The First Scene He Shot As Black Adam

black adam

Dwayne Johnson is a smart man who knows exactly how, when, where and why to market his latest projects to the masses, so it was no accident that the main show of DC FanDome kicked off with the first footage from Black Adam, giving the cosmic comic book adaptation three hours to dominate the conversation before The Batman trailer came along and stole its thunder.

The teaser was brief, but undeniably exciting, even if it held off on a proper unobstructed glimpse of the leading man and producer in full costume. Turning someone into dust without a care in the world reiterates that the titular antihero doesn’t have a no-kill rule, which spells bad news for anyone unlucky enough to get in his way.

Taking to social media shortly after the promo aired, Johnson revealed that the electrocution was the very first take on his very first day working on Black Adam, so it’s one he’ll remember fondly having first signaled his intentions to play the role back in 2007.

Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra’s DCEU blockbuster comes to theaters in July 2022, so now that we’ve finally seen Black Adam in action, the next question is when we’ll be given the gift of a full-length trailer.