Will Dwayne Johnson Be The Next Green Lantern?


Earlier today we reported that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased his involvement in an upcoming DC comics film. When that news broke, we still didn’t have any solid information about what character he could be playing, but it looks like that may already have changed. While it’s by no means confirmed, another rumor has leaked out that tells us Johnson could be taking on John Stewart aka the Green Lantern.

The news comes to us via Peter Georgiou of ThinkMcFlyThink, who says that the rumor is “floating around behind the scenes in the industry.” So this one is even less solid than your usual rumor coming from an unnamed source. Basically, Georgiu heard it from someone who may have heard it from someone who may have knowledge of the situation. Maybe. But still, it’s definitely a possibility worth considering.

While Lantern isn’t the character that first comes to mind for Johnson, when you look at the image above it’s pretty easy to picture. It’d be no stretch to see the Rock match Stewart’s intensity, though I feel he is a bit more enjoyable to watch when there’s a bit of a lighter side to his role, and in Justice League, it isn’t likely that Lantern will be providing the comic relief.

Considering I’ve been waiting years for this film to happen, I want the casting to be absolutely perfect. My initial thought is that Johnson is not the ideal actor to play one of the main heroes, regardless of whether it ends up being Lantern or someone else. That being said, I’m not completely opposed to the it either. He definitely has shown flashes of talent as an actor, despite what the track record of many of his films might indicate. I’d also rather have him play Stewart than Denzel Washington, who was recently rumored for the role. Still, if Johnson is to join the DC cinematic universe, I think there are places where he could be better utilized.

What do you think of Johnson playing the Green Lantern? Is there an actor you would rather see? Share your picks with us in the comments section below.

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