Dwayne Johnson And Ryan Reynolds Crack Up In New Red Notice BTS Photo

Ryan Reynolds

If Netflix subscribers have half as much fun watching Red Notice as Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds appear to have had making it, then the mega budget action blockbuster is shaping up to be one of the most entertaining movies on the horizon. Even before the production was shut down for months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the two megastars were accusing each other of ruining takes from laughing too much.

Their brief interactions in Hobbs & Shaw showcased the crackling chemistry between the two highest-paid actors in the world, while their bromance has since moved onto social media. Despite their close friendship, though, Red Notice will see Johnson and Reynolds on opposite sides of the law, with the former playing an Interpol agent and world-renowned tracker while the Deadpool star will be relying on his natural charm and charisma as an infamous conman.

All three of Red Notice‘s A-list leads (Reynolds, The Rock and Gal Gadot) have been revealing plenty of behind the scenes images from the set over the last few weeks, and Johnson’s latest pic shows what’s surely just one of many takes that he and Reynolds have ruined after failing to keep a straight face, which you can check out below.

Based solely on the high concept pitch and the wealth of talent involved, Red Notice is almost guaranteed to be one of the most purely enjoyable blockbusters of next year and one of Netflix’s biggest ever originals. That being said, there are still question marks surrounding director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s ability to handle such a large scale project after his previous action-heavy collaboration with Johnson in Skyscraper failed to live up to the potential of watching The Rock do Die Hard.