Gal Gadot Shares Red Notice BTS Photo With Ryan Reynolds And Dwayne Johnson

Ryan Reynolds

So far, almost all of the information and images we’ve seen from Netflix’s action blockbuster Red Notice have come from Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, with the two highest-paid movie stars on the planet clearly having a great time working on both the film itself and their burgeoning bromance. However, there’s a third A-lister set to play a major role in Rawson Marshall Thurber’s globetrotting epic as well, but so far we’ve heard very little from Gal Gadot.

The Wonder Woman actress is essentially the villain of the piece, portraying a notorious art thief who becomes the subject of the titular global alert that forces Johnson’s Interpol agent and expert tracker into action, while Reynolds factors into the story as an infamous conman who will presumably end up playing both parties against each other for his own personal gain.

That’s a whole lot of star power crammed into one movie, and Gadot has now revealed a new behind the scenes image that shows all three of Red Notice‘s Holy Trinity of famous and attractive people taking direction from Thurber, and you can check it out below.

With Reynolds set to start shooting Netflix’s untitled time travel movie in a matter of weeks, Red Notice must be getting pretty close to the finish line. And as one of the streaming service’s most expensive original projects ever, executives and subscribers alike will be hoping that it lives up to the potential as the sort of old-school high concept actioner that was all the rage in the 1990s, but Hollywood doesn’t really seem to make any more as the focus has shifted towards brands with built-in name recognition and franchise potential.