Ryan Reynolds Takes Jab At Dwayne Johnson With New Instagram Post

Ryan Reynolds

If there’s one thing the world knows about Ryan Reynolds, it’s that he’s a perpetual jokester who loves to poke fun at his friends and colleagues. For instance, the Canadian comedian’s long-term friendly rivalry with his buddy Hugh Jackman has offered years of hilarity as the two endlessly bicker with one another and go to great lengths to take potshots for the sake of humor.

But on the set of his new movie Red Notice, Reynolds has found himself goofing off with his good pal Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Rest assured, though, that Johnson can dish it out just as easily as he takes it – something we’ve seen previously with his amusing back and forth interactions with Kevin Hart.

Of course, Reynolds and Johnson have been good friends for years now, so they’ve probably got plenty of inside jokes and know one another’s buttons quite well, giving them ample opportunity to keep the good times rolling. As a matter of fact, before production of Red Notice was originally shut down due to COVID-19, it was apparently already running behind thanks to the two actors’ hijinks on set.

Now, as things fire back up again, Reynolds has hopped on Instagram to take a new jab at his good friend, this time claiming that he’s imagining what Johnson – who’s kept a perfectly shaven head for nearly his entire career in wrestling and film – would look like with bangs. It’s absolutely a humorous thought, and it’ll be funny to see what the actor will do to retaliate in the near future.

Red Notice is expected to meet its November 13th release date, though complications with COVID-19 or a couple of goofballs messing around could always change things. And honestly, knowing Ryan Reynolds, the latter is more likely.