Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Continue Their Feud Over Deadpool 3 Fan Poster


The long-running feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman has become the stuff of legend, and if it eventually results in the two A-list stars putting their differences to one side and starring in a Face/Off remake, then long may it continue. They’re obviously very good friends, but there’s just something so entertaining about seeing them take shots at each other whenever the opportunity presents itself, and things only seem to have been heating up recently.

Deadpool 3 might be trapped in development hell at Marvel Studios, but Reynolds clearly isn’t waiting around for the Merc with a Mouth’s MCU debut to get the green light, and he keeps adding more and more projects onto his plate. Every new movie he signs onto only makes Wade Wilson’s return seem that little bit further away, and there’s even been reports that the 6 Underground star is beginning to get frustrated by the lack of movement.

Reynolds recently took to social media to comment on a post that showed an awesome Deadpool 3 fan poster, and his arch-nemesis couldn’t help but sneak into the comments and have another dig at his rival’s expense. You can check out both the poster and Jackman’s reply in the gallery below.

$610 million is roughly the amount of money that Logan raked in at the box office, so at least Jackman has a viable reason for picking such an extortionate figure. The fact that Reynolds is publicly agreeing with a fan that says we need Deadpool 3 right now, though, is a telling statement, one that might indicate that he’s not happy with how things are progressing at Marvel.

In any case, Fox’s former Wolverine is obviously trolling once again, but he’s also found himself heavily linked to a return to the role despite making it clear that he’s done with it. If there’s one person that could twist his arm into growing out the mutton chops one more time, though, it would be Ryan Reynolds.