Ryan Reynolds Only Made That New Gin Ad To Insult Hugh Jackman’s Company


We all knew the truce between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman wouldn’t last, but the Deadpool star has taken the feud to a whole new level this time.

The ongoing “dispute” between the former Wolverine and Wade Wilson knows no limits. In fact, Reynolds’ beef with the Australian actor even made its way to the first two Deadpool movies, where the Regenerating Degenerate used every possible chance to take a jab at Jackman’s Marvel character. Beyond that, the pair have publicly trolled each other at every opportune situation, the latest of which came in the form of an ad to help the #AllInChallenge, at which point a truce was called.

Although, knowing that the last attempt at reconciliation didn’t exactly end as you’d expect, we knew that this one would be in vain, too. This is especially true now that Reynolds seems hellbent on continuing to promote his company, Aviation American Gin, even amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, the actor took to Instagram to celebrate the holding’s new ad, but he didn’t exactly mince words when it came to whom this new video initially targeted, writing:

Of course, the coffee company in question is none other than Jackman’s Laughing Man Coffee Company. Thus, we enter a new chapter in this seemingly never-ending feud. Not that we’re complaining, mind you. Whenever this comedic trio, and by that we mean Jackman, Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal, come together, you know that hilarity is going to ensue, one way or another.

Tell us, though, would you prefer to “tip your bartenders” by joining in on Ryan Reynolds‘ efforts, or start your days with Wolverine’s quality coffee?