Tom Holland Planned To Stop Drinking, Until Ryan Reynolds Sent Him A Case Of Gin

Ryan Reynolds

Now that Disney owns the rights to Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds’ character and Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man are practically in the same fictional universe. As such, from one superhero to another, the former has sent his colleague a case of Aviation Gin, the liquor company that he has stakes in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down almost all non-essential businesses around the world. Our entertainment industry was no exception to the rule, and every major company halted production on their projects or postponed the release date of their movies and TV shows. Additionally, with theaters closed down and concerts canceled, all celebrities are now self-quarantining at home with the rest of the population.

One of these stars, who’s really been active on social media in the past couple of weeks, plays our favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. And during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Tom Holland gave a few updates about his time in self-isolation, while jokingly revealing that since he and his friends are currently locked in together, they’ve managed to always remain drunk, which has also helped them maintain their friendship.

Apparently, though, after the actor decided to stop drinking for a while, a case of Aviation American Gin arrived at his doorsteps, courtesy of the Regenerating Degenerate himself, Wade Wilson.

“I actually said this weekend that I was going to stop drinking for a week, I was going to have a week off,” Holland revealed. “And then literally Monday morning, Ryan Reynolds sent me a case of gin. I was literally like ‘I’m not drinking for the whole week, not drinking at all,’ and then the doorbell rang and there was a case of gin from the lovely Ryan.”

In the same interview, Tom Holland admitted that he doesn’t know when Marvel plans to pick up production on the next Spider-Man flick, but it seems that the Mouse House and Sony are still committed to releasing the movie in July 2021. Finger crossed it remains that way.