Tom Holland Says He Isn’t Sure When Spider-Man 3 Will Start Shooting


With all films that were in production prior to the global shutdown currently in stasis until conditions change, their scheduled release dates are no longer a given. In fact, going by recent interviews, actors are as in the dark about what’s next as the general public, and Spider-Man star Tom Holland is the latest to voice their uncertainty.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel from the confines (and comfort) of home, Holland revealed that he’s unsure when Spider-Man 3 will start shooting, saying:

“I’m not too sure. I was in Berlin, making a film called Uncharted with Mark Wahlberg. We were all ready to go, we went to set for day one of shooting, and then we got shut down and we got sent home. So whether we shoot that movie first or we shoot Spider-Man [3] first, I’m not clear. But both movies are being made and they’re both really strong and the scripts are fantastic, so whatever happens, happens.”

The Uncharted film in question is indeed an adaptation of the hit video game series, and was previously pencilled in for theatrical release on October 8th, 2021. That, along with the schedule for Spider-Man 3 (which was also due to release the same year), is now completely up in the air, and Holland is far from alone with regard to the uncertainty.

A couple of days ago, we reported that Connie Nielsen, who’s set to reprise her role as Hippolyta in Wonder Woman 1984, is none the wiser as to whether the film will make its August opening, having already been pushed back by two months. We’re all in the same boat as far as coronavirus goes – maximum disruption with no set timeframe. It hasn’t been the most jovial start to a new decade, that’s for sure.

While we all play the game of wait and see, leave a comment with the first thing you’re going to do when lockdown is over. One thing’s certain, there’s going to be a massive backlog of new movies when the time finally comes. The longer it goes on, the bigger the backlog will be. No Time to Die, Black Widow, WW84, and at this rate even Spider-Man 3 might join them in the mudslide.