The Internet’s Losing It Over Spider-Man Star Tom Holland And Justin Bieber’s Live Chat


While self-quarantining at home amid the current COVID-19 pandemic has its obvious downsides, the internet keeps delivering by giving us more things to geek out on, and apparently, Spider-Man star Tom Holland sharing a live chat with singer Justin Bieber is too much for Twitter to handle.

The recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus, which has since exploded in European countries and made its way to Northern America, doesn’t discriminate between different classes in society. As such, barring those whose service is considered essential, almost everyone is self-isolating to help curb the spread of the deadly disease. Among them, some Hollywood celebrities have been extremely active on social media, campaigning for people to practice social distancing and good hygiene in order to defeat the pandemic.

Additionally, with Marvel following the lead of other major studios and shutting down production on all Phase 4 movies and future projects, many of the MCU stars are also battling the boredom of home quarantine. Even Spider-Man star Tom Holland is resorting to everything he can to keep busy, like solving a 1000-piece puzzle.

Now, in what seems at first like an odd pairing, the actor joined Justin Bieber’s live Instagram session earlier this week, sending Twitter into a frenzied state of madness. Check out just some of the epic reactions for yourself:

Of course, despite some of these tweets implying that this has been the most unexpected, albeit welcome, pairing that they could’ve imagined, this isn’t the first Tom Holland has spoken about Bieber. While promoting his new film Onward, the actor had the following to say about the singer:

“I think recently, Justin Bieber and what he’s been doing with that show that he did on YouTube, I just really enjoyed that because it was nice to see that someone who like, goes through it in the biggest way possible also has a hard time and I just felt like there was a real solidarity for young people going through it. No one goes through it like he does, but we all go through it a little bit. I was just really grateful to see that side of him. I’m just really happy that he’s happy. He seems so happy and it just made me happy.”

What do you make of this, though? And what was your reaction when you originally saw the Spider-Man star having a chat with the Bieb? As usual, let us know in the comments below.