Dwayne Johnson Shares New Photo Of Huge Black Adam Set

Black Adam

The constant advances in visual effects technology have been both a blessing and a curse for the movie industry. It’s given filmmakers the opportunity to realize their imaginations on screen to their fullest extent, but it’s also led to a decline in tangible sets and practical action because it’s often easier and cheaper to do it via computer.

That doesn’t appear to be the case for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam, though, despite the DCEU blockbuster’s status as a cosmic comic book adaptation centring on an all-powerful hero with abilities comparable to Superman. Obviously, there are going to be a massive number of effects shots and CGI enhancements used to bring the project to life, but as you can see from the photo that the leading man shared below, the crew are still putting the work in when it comes to filling up cavernous soundstages.

Behind the scenes images from superhero epics can often be funny to look at when all you see is wall-to-wall green and a handful of stunt people in motion capture leotards, and there were even shots from Captain America: Civil War that Scarlett Johansson had to shoot on her own because she was the only character who didn’t have a computer-generated costume.

However, Black Adam appears to be striking the balance between placing its actors against backdrops they can react to while filling in the gaps with some visual trickery, and with the production now reaching its midway point, we should be seeing much more from the movie as filming continues, given Johnson’s penchant for engaging with his fans and regularly posting pics detailing what he’s up to, even if we might not be receiving a glimpse of him in full costume just yet.