Dwayne Johnson Looks Massive In New Black Adam Training Photo

Black Adam

Despite his characters generally enduring all kinds of ridiculous situations and performing insane feats of heroism, Dwayne Johnson has never played a comic book superhuman. That’s all set to change with Black Adam though, which will see Johnson transformed into the titular villain/antihero. The project has had a long road towards its shoot, hampered by his busy filming schedule and various scheduling conflicts within Warner Bros. But finally, that’s all cleared up now.

Jaume Collet-Serra is set to direct, with production beginning in July 2020 for a December 22nd, 2021 release date. And now, Johnson has given us yet another taste of how he’s going to look in the movie via Instagram. Check it out below along with the caption and some previous workout photos he’s shared:

The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.
Training and prep for #BlackAdam has been a grind but this passion project outweighs the sacrifices.
Truth, justice and the Black Adam way.

TV critic Clive James once described Arnold Schwarzenegger as looking like “a condom stuffed with walnuts,” and I think that description more than applies to Johnson in this picture. Honestly, the guy looks like he’s becoming more vein than man, and achieving that kind of shape must mean he lives a seriously restrictive life of pumping iron and eating chicken breasts. So, credit to his commitment, because when he finally puts on that costume he’s going to look absurdly superheroic.

Beyond Black Adam, we should expect to see Johnson appearing as the character in future films in the Shazam! franchise. It’s already been confirmed that he’ll go toe-to-toe with the hero in Shazam! 3, and if Black Adam picks up the insane amount of buzz that Warner Bros. expects it to, the actor will no doubt stick around in the DCEU for some time yet.