Dwayne Johnson Supports Jeffrey Dean Morgan As Lobo


Over the weekend, while attending Walker Stalker Con, The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan put his name forward to play one of the most popular anti-heroes from the DC universe who’s yet to make it to the big screen. Namely, the main man himself, Lobo.

Though the last Czarnian hasn’t got his big break yet, it’s not for lack of trying, as Warner Bros. has been attempting to get a solo film for the outer-space bounty hunter off the ground for years. In fact, Dwayne Johnson was once linked to the role before he ultimately decided to play Shazam’s nemesis Black Adam instead.

It’s fitting, then, that Johnson’s now responded to Morgan’s statement with a big thumbs-up. When ComicBook.com tweeted their story on the topic, the man alternatively known as “The Rock” replied: “Hell yes.” Johnson and Morgan recently worked together for this year’s “animals run amok” movie Rampage, so they’re probably friends in real life.

Lobo DC Comics Injustice

If nothing else, this a cool commendation from Johnson. After all, if Morgan’s serious about pursuing the role, this is essentially the last actor who had a shot to play the part passing on his blessings to him. It seems like he might be truly interested in it, too. Back when he was making Watchmen in 2009, Morgan first suggested the idea that he’d like to play Lobo and it seems that dream hasn’t gone away over the past decade.

As for where the Lobo movie stands at the moment, we’re not entirely sure. Jason Fuchs was attached to write the script back in 2016, before rumors said the project had been quietly cancelled. Then Michael Bay got himself connected to the production, but reports said he’d only do it with a tiny budget. Which is a bit weird, coming from the king of big-budget blockbuster cinema.

Anyways, now that he’s impressed Dwayne Johnson, tell us, what do you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing Lobo? Have your say in the comments section down below.