Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam May Be Delayed Due To Coronavirus

Black Adam

There’s a lot of uncertainty in Hollywood right about now, with many major upcoming releases being pushed back to later in the year. The same goes for those that were due to start shooting in the next few months as well. When it comes to DC’s Black Adamit’s hard to say at this point whether it’ll be able to go ahead or not, as the long-awaited solo film for The Rock’s anti-hero isn’t supposed to kick off production until this July. But will it have to be delayed?

It turns out that’s something even the star himself doesn’t know. Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram for a live video recently, in which he touched based on what looks to be happening with Black Adam. He explained that he’s “excited” to get started on it, but he’s not sure whether things will be allowed to continue as originally planned.

“I’m very excited about Black Adam by the way, I’ve been training very, very hard for that role. We were supposed to start shooting it in the summer, in July, and we’ll see. I’m not quite too sure if it’s still gonna happen – or, at least, if we’ll still start shooting in July but it will all work out the way it’s meant to work out.”

Johnson’s been keeping us updated on his Instagram in regards to just how hard he’s been training to get in shape – or, in his case, even more in shape – for the part of Teth-Adam, the ruler of Kahndaq. It’s got to be a bit of bummer to be facing the possibility that the shoot will be pushed back, then, but he seems to be taking the news in a healthy way.

As most of you will know, Johnson has been attached to the character of Black Adam for the best part of a decade now, so it would be a huge blow to DC fans if production was held off, which would likely mean a delay to its scheduled release in December 2021. But, like the man says, we’ll just have to see how the global situation plays out. Fingers crossed, though.