Netflix Announces 5 Original Movies/TV Shows For January

Cobra Kai

UPDATE: It turns out that only 5 of the 7 titles have been confirmed, with the last 2 being rumored at this stage.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, there’s a decent chance you’ve built up a backlog of content on the platform, especially considering how much fantastic stuff has been added over the past few months. And, of course, rest assured that just as soon as you begin to knock a few things off your list, Netflix will drop a selection of new movies or shows to add to it, too, ensuring that you’re stuck in a perpetual yet wonderful cycle.

That being said, you’re probably curious about what’s coming in the future, right? Well, good news – not only has Netflix shared a small taste of what’s on the way in December, but they’ve also announced a handful of originals for January 2021 as well, including a new run of a beloved show that you’re definitely not going to want to miss.

Season 3 of Cobra Kai will launch on the service on January 8th. This martial arts comedy-drama based on The Karate Kid franchise has been a huge success for Netflix ever since it moved over from YouTube Red, but this will be the first original season for its new platform, so it’s almost positive to garner even more attention. If you haven’t checked it out at all yet, now would be a good time to catch up before this third outing lands.

For more, here’s everything that Netflix has announced for January 2021 thus far:

January 8th

Cobra Kai (Season 3)

January 22nd

The White Tiger

January 27th

50M2 (Season 1)


Lupin (Season 1)
Gabby’s Dollhouse (Season 1) – Rumored
Double Dad – Rumored

Cobra Kai

In the meantime, November has already been off to an incredible start with such huge movies as the controversial classic A Clockwork Orange, Jim Carrey’s hilarious comedy Yes Man, and the intriguing sci-fi Prospect. That’s before considering how much stuff is on the way later in the month, too, including adorable new series Dash & Lily, horror show American Horror Story: 1984, and R-rated comic book flick V for Vendetta.

Tell us, though, do you plan to check out anything Netflix has announced for January? Let us know in the comments below.