Early Plot Details Surface For Legendary’s Dead Rising Movie


Like it or not, video game adaptations are seemingly back in vogue for Hollywood. Over the next few years, we can expect filmic translations of major pixelated properties such as Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed and, in all likelihood, about five more Resident Evil movies. But one of the new kids on the block so to speak is Legendary’s Dead Rising movie, which just yesterday unveiled its full cast.

Including the likes of Meghan Ory, Dennis Haybert and Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe, the feature-length film is set to shuffle its reanimated corpse in front of the cameras today, with filming about to begin in Vancouver. Dead Rising is also the first Legendary project to be produced exclusively for a digital platform. And Zack Lipovsky, the director behind the lens, recently sat down with /Film to discuss the early ideas that are currently being sketched up on the proverbial drawing board.

“What I love in Dead Rising is the city is locked down, but the rest of the world is fine. Families are watching the zombie apocalypse on TV while eating dinner like it’s the Super Bowl. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from real world events like Hurricane Katrina, the Ebola outbreak even the Ferguson Riots.”

Generally speaking, this seems like an interesting angle for the film to take. Part documentary, part satire, Lipovsky’s nascent vision appears to blend the genres of on-the-nose horror, comedy and ultimately, adventure. In fact, the director likened the script to “Indiana Jones with Zombies,” which is a sure-fire quote to slap across the poster.

Of course, given the film’s relatively humble budget — in comparison to Capcom’s other flesh-eating property Resident Evil, at least — long-term fans of the series should taper their expectations for colossal set pieces.

“People shouldn’t expect a Michael Bay scale epic, but it will be one of the coolest digital films made to date.”

Legendary’s Dead Rising will debut first on Crackle before releasing across DVD, VOD and TV at some point next year.

Source: /Film