Early reviews for ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ paint an interesting picture

the matrix resurrections
Image via Village Roadshow Pictures

Ever since word first started circulating that The Matrix Resurrections was poised to be at least as narratively and thematically ambitious as the original, if not more so, there’s been an air of heightened curiosity surrounding the long-awaited sci-fi sequel.

Early test screenings brought word that audiences were either going to love or hate the fourth installment, with very little middle ground in between. The first wave of early reactions on social media hammered that point home even further, and now the review embargo has lifted so we can see what the critics think.

As you might expect, there’s no such thing as a general consensus for The Matrix Resurrections, which bodes for an interesting time at the movies or at home, if nothing else. Check out some of the responses below and try to get a handle on which side of the fence you could end up falling on.

On a visual level, everyone seems to be in agreement that The Matrix Resurrections is nothing short of stunning, it’s just everything else that’s splitting opinion. One thing we can guarantee is that Twitter will be populated with some hot and spicy takes from tomorrow onward, regardless of how high or low the film winds up on Rotten Tomatoes.