Early Reviews For The Revenant Are Extremely Positive


Not that it should surprise anyone, but early reviews are now in for Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant, and of course, they’re extremely positive. Critics are praising the film as a whole, and many are stating that 2016 could be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY wins an Oscar.

Judging by the footage we’ve seen so far, it’s certainly possible, and after hearing these initial reports, we can’t wait to see what Iñárritu has in store for us with his latest effort.

Full reviews will arrive later on next month, closer to the film’s December 25th release, but for now, check out some early reactions below:

So, there you have it. High praise indeed, but no doubt it’s deserved. After all, the cast and crew assembled here is top notch, with Tom Hardy and Domhnall Gleeson co-starring, and Emmanuel Lubezki on cinematography duties, to name just a few of the talented individuals involved with the film.

All signs point to The Revenant being one of 2015’s very best, and you can be sure that as soon as the review embargo is lifted, we’ll have our own thoughts on the movie for you right here.