Ed Skrein Replaces Jason Statham In Transporter 4

ed skrein

Though Jason Statham is one of the most widely known action stars in the world today, it wasn’t that long ago when he first arrived on the scene. After delivering memorable performances in Guy Ritchie’s crime capers Snatch and Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, it was really The Transporter, back in 2002, that elevated him to action stardom.

In subsequent Transporter films, the Crank franchise and dozens of stand-alone action flicks since, he’s refined his niche, but that film truly marked his breakout. Though it’s been five years since Transporter 3 made bank with $108 million, the success of the series has led EuropaCorp towards rebooting the franchise with three new films. Now, likely hoping to kick-start another young actor’s career, the studio has tapped Game of Thrones actor Ed Skrein to take the lead role in Transporter 4.

The British actor has a few credits to his name, but it was his supporting performance as Daario Naharis, a mercenary working for Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), in HBO’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones that made him more recognizable to audiences stateside. He certainly has the physique necessary to carry an action film, and EuropaCorp was obviously happy enough with his acting on the series to offer him the role.

EuropaCorp CEO Christophe Lambert had this to say about the casting:

We searched everywhere to find a fresh face who had the potential to become an action movie star and we’ve found the right match with Ed Skrein, who’s not only a great actor but also has enough charisma and physical stamina to play Frank Martin with brio.

While Skrein films Transporter 4Nashville actor Michiel Huisman will fill in for him on Game of Thrones. Little is known about the plot of the upcoming reboot, though the story will be set in the French Riviera, in keeping with the first film. The reboot’s writers, Bill Collage and Adam Cooper, will apparently be bringing Frank’s father, to be played by “a prominent thesp” into the story, and have given the character of Frank “more depth,” according to Variety.

Camille Delamarre, who directed Paul Walker’s upcoming action remake Brick Mansions and edited Taken 2, is set to direct. The film will begin production in June of this year.

What do you make of this casting? Does Skrein have the talent and charisma to pull off the role of Frank Martin, or is doing Transporter 4 without Jason Statham a bad idea? Let us know in the comments!

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