Eddie Murphy Planning Return To Stand-Up Comedy In 2020

Eddie Murphy

Look who’s back! Famed comedian Eddie Murphy is planning to launch his career revitalization by hosting Saturday Night Live later this season. The comeback will then continue with a Netflix movie entitled Dolemite Is My Name and the highly-anticipated sequel Coming to America 2. Following all that, though, the actor will come full circle to return to where it all started out for him: the stand-up stage.

The 58-year-old is in talks with the aforementioned streaming service to stand behind the mic for the first time in decades. Netflix sounds like they’re offering him a zaftig amount of money to perform a stand-up special or two as well as $70 million for a couple hours of hilarity is nothing to sneeze at, even for a guy whose net worth is around $120 million. Plus, these routines will definitely be the talk of the entertainment industry upon their release. If they’re even half as hysterical as Delirious and Raw, then Murphy will once again be a bankable star in Hollywood.

Those comedy specials are both heralded as some of the best stand-ups of all-time. Following their success, the funnyman began to branch into film and there was a time when it seemed like everything he touched turned to box office gold. Headlining movies Coming to America, Trading Places, The Nutty Professor, Dr. Doolittle, Norbit, Daddy Day Care, Dreamgirls, the Shrek franchise and more all helped Murphy become a household name.

His star ended up fading after several flops though and since then, he’s become reclusive. In fact, Eddie Murphy has only starred in one movie in the past six years and seemed like he finished with life in the public eye.

That is, until now. It looks like the beloved comedian will once again try to recapture the magic that once made him the funniest man alive and we sincerely hope he succeeds in that regard.