Edgar Wright Confirms He’s Written A Baby Driver Sequel

Baby driver

Edgar Wright has hardly become synonymous with franchises or sequels, focusing his energy on creating original projects that make the best use of his attention to detail and whip-smart dialogue. Of course, he was attached to Ant-Man for years and ended up receiving a credit on the screenplay, while he also co-wrote Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin, but the motion capture blockbuster didn’t pull in the box office numbers required to launch a multi-film series.

However, once Wright’s Baby Driver raced to over $225 million globally and wound up scoring almost universal critical acclaim and three Academy Award nominations in the process, the filmmaker revealed that talks over a potential sequel had been held with Sony. We’ve heard very little about it since, though, with the creator of the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy busying himself with psychological horror Last Night in Soho, which was initially scheduled for release last September, but won’t arrive until October of this year after being delayed as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Clearly, Wright has been keeping occupied during the enforced downtime, and he confirmed in a recent interview that the script for a Baby Driver sequel has now been written.

“It’s written. I’ve actually written three drafts of it. It’s funny, you get fans on social media saying, ‘What’s happening to blah blah’, and you know there’s a global pandemic, right?. Some things are beyond even me.”

Baby Driver

It’s been well over three years since the studio first signalled their intentions to revisit the world of Baby Driver, but with the sequel now completed on paper, the project could start gathering some serious momentum over the next few months. The heist thriller is one of the most eye-popping and inventive actioners to come out of Hollywood in recent years, and there are plenty of ways for the story to continue, especially when Sony are relatively short on bankable properties that aren’t Spider-Man or Jumanji.