Edgar Wright Responds To Stephen King’s Last Night In Soho Praise

last night in soho

Stephen King loves to share his thoughts and opinions on any number of film and television projects with his millions of social media followers, and word always seems to get back to the filmmakers behind them. Given his reputation and standing not just in the horror genre but pop culture as a whole, plenty of big name talents are lifelong fans of the prolific author.

James Wan recently went full fanboy when he reposted King’s praise of the bonkers Malignant on his Instagram account, and now we can add Edgar Wright to the list. After catching word of how the 74 year-old felt about upcoming psychological thriller Last Night in Soho, the Three Flavors Cornetto trilogy director responded in kind, as you can see below.

Last Night in Soho was delayed significantly by the pandemic, but Wright has cultivated enough of a fanbase that it should perform reasonably well by the standards of the time when it comes to theaters on Friday. The only downside is that it’s currently sporting the lowest Rotten Tomatoes score of his career, but 73% from 85 reviews and counting is hardly a disaster.

King even mentioned he’d go and see Last Night in Soho again, paying for the privilege next time out after catching an early screening at his own leisure, so at least Wright can sleep safe in the knowledge that he’s impressed a true titan of the artform.