Stephen King Talks Squid Game, Compares It To Two Of His Novels

Stephen King is royalty in the world of horror for good reason. His countless best-selling novels have offered chills and frights for many years and so many have been adapted into incredible movies. Now he’s taken to commenting on the latest piece of scary media to become a worldwide phenomenon — Squid Game.

It’s hard to find people not talking about Netflix’s biggest series launch ever at this point. It’s being recreated in video games and has even been mentioned by the North Korean government. It looks like King might have finally given it a watch and is ready to talk about it with his fans.

He started out his comments with a humorous quip, quoting one of the moments from the show:

But then, when a fan asked if the show reminded King of his novel The Running Man, he compared Squid Game to two of his novels.

The Running Man also features a game show where people play a game of sorts for their lives with prisoners racing to avoid a brutal death and achieve freedom. The Long Walk, written under King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman, also revolves around a brutal contest.

The comparisons certainly make sense, even if the stories focus on different themes in the end. It would be amazing to see Stephen King write his own take on something more directly like Squid Game but we’ll just have to wait and see what story comes next from his brilliant mind.