Watch: Viral Meme Predicted Idris Elba’s Coronavirus Diagnosis A Week Ago


Idris Elba was one of the last people anyone expected to get Coronavirus. The guy projects an aura of cool invincibility, as proved in Hobbs & Shaw where it took the combined might of Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham to bring him down. But at least one person saw this coming, in a fashion.

On March 13th, E-Man’s Movie Reviews posted a video of Elba sourced from the ‘First We Feast’ YouTube channel. The video, released in August 2019, shows Elba talking about his career while eating some extremely spicy hot wings. E-Man’s effort takes a clip showing Elba choking and coughing on a particularly spicy one, with the gag being that fellow Coronavirus sufferer Tom Hanks prepared them. It was captioned “Too soon?” Well, maybe it was.

On March 16th, the video came true (sort of), with Elba revealing on Twitter that he’d indeed tested positive for Coronavirus (though not because he ate spicy hot wings prepared by Hanks). E-Man’s response, meanwhile, was to post the gif of Homer disappearing into a hedge: “When your meme becomes reality in the worst way…”

So, with E-Man’s newly revealed powers of prognostication, what else might he predict in his memes? Well, his latest is captioned “There’s no way it’s getting any worse right?” and it shows an army of T-800 Terminator skeletons captioned “April 2020.” So, it seems we may have that to look forward to. And honestly, after a couple of weeks of isolation with nothing to do except watch Netflix and play video games, I’d probably welcome the impending robopocalypse. If I were E-Man, I’d also probably start being pretty damn careful what future events I create in meme form.

Anyway, let’s hope Idris Elba makes a full recovery very soon from Coronavirus, and for that matter, also from his embarrassing appearance in Cats.